Rainbow City PD’s Interview Recording Transformation


In response to the growing need for services that demand justice for sexual assault survivors, law enforcement is increasingly taking measures to create resources that are trauma informed. According to Tracy Matheson, the President/Founder of Project Beloved – trauma-informed care is a practice that takes the body’s biological response to trauma into consideration.

How RBC Went from an Inefficient System to a Simple, Reliable Interview Recording Solution

The Customer

Customer: Rainbow City Poice Department
Address: 3700 Rainbow Dr, Rainbow City, AL 35906
Number of officers using MaestroVision’s Interview Recording System: 4
Name: Jarrod Pell
Position: Sergeant

The Challenge

Rainbow City Police Department was using its security system to record suspect interviews. They ran into issues including lagging on the video (it would cut out while people were talking so the investigators would miss key parts of the interview) and poor quality camera footage.

The Solution


small police station
2 Cameras
1 Microphone
interview recording equipment
1 Audio Mixer
police interview recording
MaestroVision's Interview Recording Software for 1 year - KEYSERV VIDEO
police interrogations
24 hour support and remote installation assistance

The Results

With MaestroVision’s Interview Recording Kit, Rainbow City PD is Enjoying the Following Benefits:

  • Reliability – “MaestroVision’s customer service has been great, anytime we had a question, there’s someone to help on the other end of the line.”
  • Interview Recordings with Upstanding Quality – “The picture/video quality is great, the microphone is 10x better than the one we had before, there is no longer lagging or skipping in interview recordings.”
  • Time Efficiency – “With our old system, it took 10-15 minutes to find the recording start and stop time, clip it, extract it, etc. With MaestroVision’s system, it takes no time at all to export recordings.”
  • Simplicity – All of Rainbow City PD’s investigators learned how to use the system in less than a day.

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