Empower Your Investigations with MaestroVision’s Interview Recording Software

Investigators should be able to spend the majority of their time doing what they do best – investigating. Our software and systems help you efficiently obtain the evidence you need.


These factors set us apart from other interview recording solutions you'll find on the market.

Our experience originates from the Broadcast industry – the most demanding in terms of media quality, robustness and reliability. With this in mind, our engineers have produced designs that avoid pop-up windows that weaken the stability of software. Our user interface is easy to learn and use, all features are located in the same window.

MaestroVision's expertise originates from the Broadcast industry
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IP technology may be popular because it is easy to install, but it’s very unstable because it’s based on packets that depend on the network traffic. We only use HD-SDI or USB technologies that are extremely reliable because they connect directly to the recording device, therefore not dependent on the network.

MaestroVision uses HD-SDI and USB technologies
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We are the only company that offers a lifetime extended warranty on installation. You will never need to pay for the repair or the replacement of your investment. We don’t solely warranty software, but all of the hardware components you acquire as well.

MaestroVision offers a lifetime extended warranty on all products

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We offer the best technical support. Our broadcast customers are on-air-24 hours. They require an immediate solution if a situation occurs. Therefore, we provide continual access to support engineers. Even after hours, if you call technical support, you’ll be connected to someone capable of immediate assistance.


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Capacity of up to 4 cameras (including monitors) and multiple microphones.


Recording is done in High Definition HD 1080p, 30 fps.


Records the audio signal perfectly synchronized with the video.


Ability to mark or flag important video segments with descriptive notes.


Ability to transfer the recordings to the central location and/or copy immediately onto a CD/DVD or USB key.


Includes a playback application on the USB keys or DVDs with the same interface as the recording application.


Jim Eddy, Detective Sergeant at Lantana Police Department

“MaestroVision’s Interview Room Recording System has all of the bells and whistles we need to generate the evidence necessary to move forward in a case.”

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