BIAMP – TESIRA SOC-4 4-Channel Line Level Modular Output Card

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The Tesira® SOC-4 is a modular analog output card for use with Tesira SERVER or SERVER-IO devices.
Each SOC-4 provides 4 channels of mic or line level audio output. The outputs are electrically balanced and
provided on plug-in barrier strip connectors. Software control of each output includes mute, level, signal
invert and full-scale output reference.

  • Modular I/O cards can be mixed-and-matched both in Tesira SERVER and Tesira SERVER-IO
  • Selectable output levels allow for ideal gain staging. Fully configurable and controllable in software


  • 4 channels of balanced mic or line level output
  • Plug-in barrier strip connectors
  • -100 to +12dB fader range for level
  • Signal invert for reverse polarity
  • Selectable full-scale output reference level (24dBu, 18dBu, 12dBu, 6dBu, 0dBu, -31dBu) for best interface/performance
  • RoHS compliant and AES grounded