Complement your digital broadcasting with dynamic and graphically rich content that integrates with Broadcast Automation. An ultimate downstream channel branding solution. Template-based system with control over real-time data.

starting at US$ 2,995

MaestroVision’s Channel Dresser is a channel branding solution specifically designed for cost conscious broadcasters. It offers a combination of branding and bulletin board solution.


The MaestroVision’s Channel Dresser engine integrates itself seamlessly with MaestroVision’s and other Automation system. MaestroVision’s graphic system gives you complete control over real-time data being displayed on air. It is template based on Adobe™ Flash® technology allowing you to create very easily all type of Channel Branding and Bulletin Board. The types of template already available on the basic system are:

  • Automated Weather Info
  • Coming Up Next
  • Logo Insertion
  • Station Identification
  • Promo over credit
  • TV News Graphics
  • Messages
  • Stock option info
  • Text Overlays
  • Election Coverage
  • Lottery Results
  • TV Guide
  • Traffic Information
  • Over the shoulder Graphics
  • Live Sports Enhancement
  • Promo over credit

At the end, the MaestroVision’s Channel Dresser templates are very nice graphics that content no information. The information that will appear during broadcasting is define in the Channel Dresser Editor and will be pushed by the automation at the right moment.

The type of information pushed in the Channel dresser includes:

  • Text, image, video and audio files
  • Weather Data services
  • Other Data services (Tide, Moon, Sunrise, Sunset, Stocks, etc.)
  • RSS feeds
  • SQL Databases
  • External devices such as Thermal Sensors
  • And many others


The on-air end results will become: