VOXIO: MaestroVision's Professional DICTAPHONE App

MaestroVision’s Professional Dictaphone application feels and works like a real professional dictaphone, including automatic speech to text. This application allows file encryption and device PIN lock for high data security and it’s available for iOS & Android operating systems.

Excellent application for architecture, construction, finance, healthcare, insurance, journalism, law enforcement, legal, real estate and much more.


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What are the main features?

Feels and works like a real professional Dictaphone.

Automatic Speech to text.

File encryption and device PIN lock for high data security.

Records the actual date and time and displays them during playback.

Allows entering critical information for easy retrieval.

Includes a playback application that allows proper monitoring.

Automatic transfer to MaestroVision cloud storage for immediate listening.

Instant access to archived and ongoing recordings.

Allows IT administrators to centrally manage, configure and update dictation hardware, saving valuable time and resources.

Available for Android & iOS

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