MaestroVision’s Technology Supports Government during COVID-19.


While our lives have drastically changed during this health crisis, MaestroVision, considered an essential service to many industries, has been proactively seeking to bring new features much needed in these new communication times.

Before: Our recording was only available directly from the main source, the courtroom, the classroom, the city council room, etc.

Now: Our recording is available from multiple sources, including remote locations.



Regarding last week’s TVA Nouvelles article on VIRTUAL TRIALS in times of crisis, judicial authorities are preparing to open dozens of virtual courtrooms to hold hearings in virtual environments, from remote locations rather than in courthouses, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MaestroVision, currently providing advanced recording, streaming and media library solutions in a safe and secure environment, is adapting its platform to provide new services to fit with these new working environments.

Within the next few weeks, the deployment of secure digital platforms, including MaestroVision, will create up to forty (40) virtual rooms to hear urgent cases that are accumulating.


On the same path, many cities are still required to perform important council meetings to take vital public health-related decisions during the pandemic. Since it’s not possible for them to meet in the same council room,  MaestroVision, has been proactive in providing a technology that allows mayors and councillors to perform their meetings, each of them located in the comfort of their home. MaestroVision’s technology is capable of broadcasting those sessions live, simulating the same scenario that of an actual council meeting room, so residents are capable of assisting the meeting and asking questions directly from their remote location.


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