Enhance Your Investigations with a MaestroVision Interview Recording System

MaestroVision’s advanced interview recording solutions for law enforcement and child advocacy centers offer reliable, high-quality audio and video capture, ensuring accurate documentation of interrogations.

With secure storage, easy retrieval, and compliance with legal standards, these tools enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency in investigations, safeguarding both officers and subjects.

KeyServ & VEOTEK: MaestroVision's Softwares for Interview Recordings

MaestroVision’s Interview Recording Solution centralizes recordings from multiple interrogation rooms and portable systems into VEOTEK, our Enterprise Media Library. Real-time audio and video transfers from KeyServ enable remote investigators to view interviews almost instantly, improving investigative efficiency.

MaestroVision is dedicated to maintaining high-security standards, using robust encryption protocols to protect sensitive information during transport and storage ensuring that all data remains secure from unauthorized access.

Record Your Interview with Confidence
and Ease Using MaestroVision's KeyServ

Playback and Share Your Recordings Seamlessly with MaestroVision's VEOTEK

With MaestroVision’s Interview Recording applications, you can trust that your recordings are not only easily accessible and efficiently managed but also protected by top-tier security measures. This system represents a seamless, secure, and highly effective solution for modern investigative needs.

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Choose the Perfect Recording Solution for Your Needs

Explore MaestroVision’s fixed systems delivering consistent reliability and stability, and our portable systems which offer exceptional adaptability and convenience, making them particularly well-suited for field use.

Fixed System

Permanently installed in designated rooms, MaestroVision’s fixed systems feature advanced recording capabilities and the highest-quality audio and video equipment.

Broadcast Quality Performance

Utilizing only the highest-grade components, such as those used by television stations, ensures broadcast-level performance and reliability, capturing every detail with exceptional clarity and precision.

Comprehensive Security

By recording directly onto a local disk and avoiding the commonly-used IP cameras, cyber security threats and potential loss of records are significantly reduced.

Perfect Audio and Video Synchronization

With its use of HD-SDI technology, MaestroVision’s system is the only one capable of maintaining 100% synchronization of recorded content for precise playback and analysis.

Screen Recording

Screen interactions serve as clear visual evidence in a trial, presenting digital evidence compellingly.

Start and Stop Button

Conveniently start and stop your recordings with the use of a button located directly outside the interview room. When your recording starts, a light nearby turns on allowing others to know to keep quiet.

Portable Kit

Only offered by MaestroVision, discover the indispensable benefits of using a multi-camera portable interview recording system, designed for everyday field use.

Comprehensive Coverage

Two cameras ensure that both the interviewer and the interviewee are visible, capturing their facial expressions, body language, and reactions. This provides a more complete and balanced view of the interaction.

Transparency and Fairness

Recording from multiple angles demonstrates a commitment to transparency and fairness. It helps to ensure that the interview process is conducted professionally and without bias, which can be critical in legal proceedings.

Enhanced Evidence Quality

With two or more cameras, there is less chance of missing important visual cues or evidence. Different angles can capture subtle details that might be missed by a single camera.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute or allegation of misconduct, having multiple camera angles provides clearer and more reliable evidence. This can help to resolve complaints and build trust in the investigation process.

Legal Compliance

In some jurisdictions, having dual-camera setups may be a legal requirement to ensure the integrity and admissibility of the recorded evidence in court.

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