How to Install Your Interview Recording Kit


Written instructions for the installation of your interview room

Your package includes:

  • (1) Varifocal USB Camera
  • (1) Wide-angle USB camera
  • (2) Camera holders
  • (1) MX395 Shure Microphone
  • (2) USB extender
  • (1) PoE power adaptor
  • (2) PoE to 5 volts adaptors
  • (1) RJ45 Splitter
  • (1) XENYX 802USB Mixer
  • (3) USB cables
  • (3) 50 feet Cat5 Cables
  • (1) 50 feet XLR Cable
  • (6) 17’’ Cord cover
  • (1) Thumbnail key with software


  1. Install your cameras on the walls around six feet high. The wide-angle camera should be installed on the corner to cover the whole room. The center of the camera holder should be installed 2 inches from the corner.
  2. The varifocal camera should be installed to have a clear zoom in view of the interviewee.
  3. Run the USB cables of both cameras inside the ceiling.
  4. Cover the cables from the cameras to the ceiling using cable with cord covers that is provided.
  5. Connect the PoE cable (Black Cat5) to the RJ45 splitter.
  6. Connect both other ends of the RJ45 splitter to both PoE to 5 volts adaptors.
  7. Connect the 5v connector end of the PoE adapters to each USB2.0 extender (RX)
  8. Connect the camera to one of the four outputs of the USB2.0 extender (RX)
  9. You need one USB2.0 extender (RX) per camera, even if there are four outputs.
  10. Connect Cat5 cables (white and blue) between each USB2.0 extender (RX) in the ceiling to each USB2.0 extender (TX) in your control room.
  11. Install the MX395 microphone in the ceiling over the table in the interview room.
  12. Run a XLR3 audio cable between the microphone and the audio mixer in the control room.
  13. Connect both USB2.0 extender (TX) to your laptop.
  14. Connect the USB port of the audio mixer to your laptop.
  15. Install the KeyServ Video Software provided in the USB thumbnail.
  16. Once installed, click on the configuration menu, select your USB mixer as audio input, and select both cameras as video inputs.
  17. Click OK and you are ready to record.


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