Ministry of Justice of Quebec and MaestroVision Join Forces to Transform Courtroom Recording Systems


Boca Raton, FL – June 5th, 2023 – The Ministry of Justice of Quebec (MJQ) and MaestroVision, a leading provider of advanced recording solutions, are excited to announce their continued partnership in the complete modernization of courtroom recording systems. Following their successful collaboration in 2021, MaestroVision was awarded a $2.35 million contract by the MJQ, marking a significant milestone in their ongoing efforts to enhance efficiency and streamline operations within the Quebec Department of Justice.

Under the visionary leadership of MaestroVision working hand in hand with MJQ, the implementation of state-of-the-art technology has revolutionized the way court proceedings are recorded and accessed. With the new advanced recording systems capturing six audio tracks in each of the 517 hearing rooms across Quebec, surpassing the limitations of the previous two-track recording systems, this breakthrough guarantees a remarkable improvement in recording quality. Furthermore, the enhanced systems facilitate the seamless extraction and replay of desired content, ensuring efficient and effective utilization of recorded materials.

Recognizing the outstanding success achieved through the initial modernization efforts, the Ministry of Justice has further demonstrated their confidence in MaestroVision by expanding their collaboration. In 2023, an additional 500 new licenses were granted to MaestroVision, enabling an even wider implementation of their cutting-edge technology. Moreover, the Ministry of Justice has entrusted MaestroVision with the critical task of importing all information from the old database into MaestroVision’s centralized database. This landmark achievement consolidates data from over 1,017 courtrooms and judges’ offices, spanning a vast territory of 644,000 square miles, into a single, accessible location.

With this significant advancement, the Ministry of Justice of Quebec embraces the most advanced recording technology available for courtrooms, positioning MaestroVision’s innovative solutions at the forefront of the industry. The integration of MaestroVision’s technology empowers legal professionals to access live courtroom proceedings from any location, facilitating seamless communication and coordination between legal teams and stakeholders.

The partnership between the Ministry of Justice of Quebec and MaestroVision sets a new benchmark in the domain of courtroom recording systems. This ambitious endeavor exemplifies their shared commitment to harnessing technology to foster efficiency, accessibility, and transparency within the legal system.

For media inquiries, please contact: Ted Pezzelli MaestroVision Email: Phone: 888-424-5505

About MaestroVision: MaestroVision is a leading provider of advanced recording solutions, serving a diverse range of industries globally. Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, MaestroVision delivers cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes recording processes and enhances operational efficiency. Their comprehensive suite of solutions equips clients with the necessary tools to seamlessly capture, store, manage, and access valuable audio and video content.

About the Ministry of Justice of Quebec: The Ministry of Justice of Quebec is dedicated to upholding the principles of justice, fairness, and the rule of law within the province of Quebec.



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