Tech Tip Tuesday – What Are the Advantages of Recording Screens in a Police Interview?


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What Are the Specific Advantages of Recording a Touch Screen or Smartphone in a Police Interview Room?


Enhanced Evidence Preservation: Accurate documentation of evidence which was presented during the interview for later analysis.

Visual Clarity: Clear capture of screen activities, aiding in investigations with detailed evidence.

Transparency and Accountability: Ensures procedural compliance and preventing misconduct or tampering.

Substantial Evidence Presentation: Screen interactions serve as visual evidence in court, presenting digital evidence compellingly.

Comprehensive Documentation: Records both verbal and non-verbal interactions for thorough review and analysis.

Some additional features include:

Google Maps Recording: Visual representation of interviewee’s movements or locations visited.

Confrontation with Evidence: Confronting interviewees with relevant video or photo evidence during the interview.

Selection among Individuals: Presenting multiple individuals for identification or choice.

Agreement Signing: Facilitates digital signing of agreements or consent forms.

Virtual Mannequin for Testimony: Allows victims to mark specific actions on the screen for accurate documentation.


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