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Struggling with disorganized internal processes, cumbersome systems and tedious tasks? Let MaestroVision's professionals remove your bottlenecks and save you time and money with a new and improved workflow.

Who's spearheading your analysis? Meet Pascal Blanchette.

Pascal Blanchette is currently the Vice-President of Solutions at MaestroVision where is in charge of all projects that require integration with clients’ existing systems. As an engineer with a bachelor’s from école Polytechnique de Montréal with an MBA from HEC Montréal, he has been with MaestroVision for over 15 years. He has worked previously in various fields including aviation, computer hardware development, and television broadcast.

During his career, Pascal finds the best ways to improve the efficiency of his clients while opening new possibilities. He is an expert at identifying the right technology for a specific application and making sure it is properly integrated. His ability to see beyond purely technical needs has allowed MaestroVision to lead the way in client satisfaction and innovation.

process optimization and automation

Given the evolution from videotapes to video files, broadcaster engineers should evolve their workflow as well. Many broadcast stations are still employing tedious processes involving many different files being shared between traffic editing master control and storage at once. This process can be hard to keep track of and sustain.

Learn how an improved workflow will save broadcasters time and money. Discover how to incorporate this new workflow into your tv broadcast station in just 3 easy steps!

See how we’ve helped several broadcast tv stations improve their workflows!

gap analysis

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