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Easily integrated with your current system, MaestroVision’s Automation Server is the most reliable and flexible in the market.

Automation doesn’t only have to do with “Playout”. With the venue of Internet, content management and distribution became crucial for media operators. MaestroVision offers all the tools to maximize revenue through distribution of the Owner’s Content via all possible channels, regardless of format.

MaestroVision Automation Server

How it Works?

MaestroVision’s Automation is built with a combination of C++ and JAVA Script development software to offer state-of-the-art tools, which provide the highest flexibility and the ultimate device control management.

The JavaScript development Software provides a real-Client Server application, allowing the MaestroVision Television Broadcast Automation the highest flexibility. This allows multiple client applications to connect to the Automation Server. Archive, Traffic, Master Control, ENG and even applications outside of the premises can all achieve their individual tasks on the same playlist at the same time.

The C++ development software provides control of devices through all possible protocols including RE232, RS422, VDCP, GPI and more. MaestroVision has already developed an interface with products from all broadcast manufacturers.

MaestroVision Television Automation System works with your configuration

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Central Casting
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Central Casting Regional Insertion Combination
broadcast production management
Distributed Regional Insertion


  • Central SQL Database
  • C++ and Java script development software providing highest flexibility and reliability
  • Intuitive user interface allowing full editing of the playlists
  • Fully scalable from one channel to hundreds of channels
  • Master/slave playlist configurations for multi-channel central casting system
  • Unlimited number of relative events
  • Intuitive color coding for events and error messages
  • Schedule Relative and Auxiliary events based on Program event (bugs, crawls, GPO)
  • Automatic playlist backup and failover capabilities
  • Accurate As-run-log even
  • LowRes Viewer of medias
  • Interfaces with all traffic software manufacturers
  • Interfaces with all devices (including VCRs, Video Servers, Switchers, Graphic box, Logo generators and much more)
  • Improved service running 24/7/365
  • Unlimited number of metadata information
  • User interface fully configurable for each user
  • Local and web interface
  • Disaster recovery capability
  • Video transcoding and moving capability
  • Conduct extensive metadata searches
  • View Proxies of on-line and archived content
  • Create frame-accurate shot list
  • Actively track all assets in your stations
  • Automated batch encoding of content from multiple sources
  • Automated centralized or distributed, single or multi-channel Stations
  • Secondary playlist allows for a fast reaction for unforeseen situations
  • View and control local or remote playlist with our distributed client interface
  • Unlimited number of relative events
  • Iconic warnings and errors to easily identify problems for error-free broadcasting

Playlist Manager

All those great features are enhanced by the most flexible and easy-to-use MaestroVision’s Playlist Manager that includes Playlist Editor, Playlist Player and Material Editor.

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