This is not just a media asset manager, it's a complete workflow optimizer for your broadcast station! MaestroVision offers an integrated solution to manage all aspects of an efficient workflow.

starting at US$ 9,995

Producers and distributors face increasingly complex challenges when it comes to storing, retrieving, converting and securing assets, often in disparate and difficult to manage formats.
MaestroVision provides an integrated solution, to local and remote management of content, through its industry-leading Asset & Storage Manager.

Seamlessly search, view, retrieve and convert archived content from any desktop, whether on site or from a remote location, for true global content sharing.

Asset & Storage Manager also helps monitor digital storage infrastructure with media or tape drive degradation warnings before performance problems or data loss occurs.


Flexible, reliable efficient and cost effective infrastructure

Many broadcasters have already seen the light. Using proven technologies currently deployed in the industry. Replace Matrix Mayhem with a MAM. A Media Management System Central Database to see how structure your workflow can become. With MAM, everybody sees the same picture: what is coming and going between departments, on-demand. And with Internet access, customers, producers and announcers save time and money, by submitting content and information directly to the MAM database. And if your organization includes satellite offices, Not only workflow will improve in each office, but now all workflow can be integrated into a flexible, reliable efficient and cost effective infrastructure.


All individual user interfaces are customized

By customizing individual interfaces, department operators only need to see and manipulate information relative to them, avoiding costly mistakes and confusion.

To help accomplish tasks, database also includes command information that controls all your valuable Hi-tech equipment. Archiving an asset, ordering a file, transcoding, capturing a satellite feed, updating or deleting a media file and more.


Integrated Centralized Media Asset Management

To achieve optimal workflow, a centralized Media Asset management is essential and should integrate:

  • Low resolution version of Medias.
  • Thumbnails to quickly identify assets
  • Search feature to quickly and easily find and retrieve assets
  • Transcoding to covert media files in multiple file formats
  • Archiving for reliable backup and guaranteed disaster recovery

Workflow expert for more than 20 years

MaestroVision is a workflow expert with more than 20 years of experience we have developed a powerful solution to manage all aspects of an efficient “WORKFLOW”. MaestroVision is an expert in integrating hi technology equipments to get the most of your existing investment.

  • Broadcast Automation equipment
  • Video Servers
  • Video Editing Stations,
  • Traffic Software
  • Transcoders
  • Hard Drive Storage and Tape Backup
  • Control of switchers and VCR’S
  • Graphics box
  • And more…

MaestroVision’s MAM is simply the most powerful Asset Management Solutions available on the market today. MaestroVision’s MAM system facilitate communications between the different departments in your organisation.

  • Traffic
  • Master Control
  • News
  • WEB
  • Production
  • Archive
  • Sales Management
  • Even outside organisations such your customers, producers and contractors

Analysis of your current workflow

At MaestroVision we begin by offering you an in-dept analysis of you current workflow environment by examining these keys elements:

  • Traffic
  • Content programming
  • Acquisition of materials
  • Creation of promos
  • Post-Production methods and operations
  • Master Control
  • Archiving operations

We will carefully examine how tasks are performed in your organisation to understand the challenges to see what is working well and what not so well in dynamic day to day operations.


Your new optimized Workflow

After each department has the opportunity to contribute, MaestroVision will integrate everyone’s input with our knowledge of workflow optimization, then recommend the best solution.


Suggestions & Proposals

A comprehensive analysis of your organization presented by expert engineers, who understand the Broadcast environment and will identify what works well and what needs improvement, so your organisation can work more effectively and cost effectively.


MaestroVision can also suggest new ways of performing tasks and operation with the appropriate actions for implementation. All our proposals will be aim to simplify your operation, to improve your competitive advantage and create new opportunities.

Each report will identify new sources of revenues and illustrate how overhead can be reduced to guaranty a return on your investment.

MaestroVision's Veotek, our Media Asset Manager

The MaestroVision Veotek ( MAM) product is essentially a web application that can be used by anyone on the various networks of your Broadcast Station. The user has been provided with appropriate credentials. As such, the web interface should be used to enter all the required metadata, as well as to share the high-resolution files between the various facilities as needed.


MaestroVision's Veotek Interface

The same interface is used to enter metadata relating to the content as well as uploading it. This streamlines operator activities; increasing efficiency and minimizing human errors. The exact composition of the metadata will have to be specified after an in depth consultation with your staff in order to match your operational requirements. The basic configuration comes with descriptions, duration and other descriptive and technical metadata regarding each asset. However, to maximize the usefulness and effectiveness of Veotek, customs fields will probably be required. Adding custom fields is a standard feature of the system and it is done with all clients.  Below is a block-diagram demonstrating media flow within the system.

veotek 2

MaestroVision Veotek features

  • View proxies of live and archived content
  • Create frame accurate shot lists
  • Restore either a portion or the whole clip to any destination
  • Remote access through a web browser interface
  • Define and restrict access with built-in security tools
  • Actively track all system assets
  • Automatically copy and move resources stored at one site to other locations
  • Manage content at multiple sites from a single location
  • Continuously monitor tape drives and media status to pre-empt equipment failure or performance degradation.
  • Interface with all of the popular video servers, automation and MAM systems and all of the popular archiving systems
  • Automated batch encoding of content from multiple sources
  • Real-time 24/7 access to MaestroVision’s digital support team
  • Detailed, web-based reports for authorized users
  • Infinitely scalable with additional engines to meet expanding needs
  • Improved efficiency and increased reliability of quality control audits
  • Secure rapid access to high-demand content
  • Improve performance, connectivity and reliability
  • Invest in additional storage only as required
  • Unlimited scalability for storage and bandwidth capacity as required
veotek 3