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VEOTEK Media Library Tutorial

1. Quick search2. Advanced search3. Edit metadata4. Edit thumbnails5. Reply recordings6. Add bookmarks7. Export recordings8. upload media files1. How ...

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Interview Recording Kit FAQs

1. Can I get a refund if I forget to cancel my KEYSERV VIDEO recording software subscription after I’ve been billed? You can cancel your subscri...

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Video Recording Software Tutorial

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How to Install Your Interview Recording Kit

Written instructions for the installation of your interview room Your package includes: (1) Varifocal USB Camera (1) Wide-angle USB camera (2) Camera...

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How to Cancel Your Subscriptions

Step 1: Click on the account icon in upper right corner. Step 2: This will pull up an overview of your account page, click on the “Subscription...

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Florida Police Chief Association Logo

We’re Exhibiting at the Florida Police Chief’s Association Summer Conference (June 27-29, 2021)

About The Florida Police Chiefs Association is the third largest state police chiefs association in the United States. It is composed of more than 900...

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We’re Exhibiting at IACP’s Annual Conference (September 12-14, 2021)

About IACP The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is the world’s largest and most influential professional association for police le...

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Scott Rouse

Keep These 6 Body Language Facts in Mind When Conducting Your Next Suspect Interview

Scott Rouse is a behavior analyst and body language expert with a focus on healthcare. He holds multiple certificates in advanced interrogation traini...

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Soft Interview Room Tips

These 9 Elements are Critical to Designing a Trauma-Informed Soft Interview Room

In response to the growing need for services that demand justice for sexual assault survivors, law enforcement is increasingly taking measures to crea...

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NCA International Symposium on Child Abuse

We’re Exhibiting at the NCA’s International Symposium on Child Abuse (March 22-25, 2021)

About the National Children’s Advocacy Center The National Children’s Advocacy Center models, promotes and delivers excellence in child ab...

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