Optimize your workflow with our integrated media asset solution.


This is not just a Media Asset Manager, it’s a complete workflow optimizer for your broadcast station! MaestroVision offers an integrated solution to manage all aspects of an efficient workflow.

MAM system

How it Works?


  • Seamlessly import, search, view retrieve and convert archived content from any desktop, whether on-site or from a remote location
  • Monitor digital storage infrastructure with media or tape drive degradation warnings before performance problems or data loss occurs
  • Customizable interfaces allow users to only see information pertinent to them.
  • Control your equipment all from one central application
  • Facilitates communications between the different departments in your organizato¡ion including (but not limited to): Traffic, Master Control, News, WEB, Production, Archive, Sales Management and more
  • Infinitely scalable ith additional engines to meet expanding needs improved efficiency and increased reliability of quality control audits
  • Secure rapid access to high-demand content
  • Improve performance, connectivity and reliability
  • Unlimited scalability for storage and bandwidth capacity as required

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