MaestroVision's Broadcasting & Audio Video Recording Solutions

For courtroom recordings, MaestroVision provides audio-only or audio & video solutions to meet law requirements. Multiple cameras recording every person in the courtroom, including the judge, the prosecutor, the defendant, the jury, etc.

Whether streaming live master classes or recording them for further sharing and replay, MaestroVision’s Recording Management Solutions will allow you to massively share knowledge with different types of end users.

Our solutions have been initially developed for the law enforcement industry. Recording police interviews has its own challenges, as well as saving and sharing police evidence with involved parties.

Simulations are the new norm in the education process, as they provide a hands-on experience to students and professionals who seek to constantly improve their knowledge and experience.

Do you need a custom solution?

We have the capability and capacity to develop a customized solution based on your requirements as well as your performance standards and technical specifications.

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