Additional button for KeyServ (requires MV_KS_BUTTON_GPI-A1)

USD $ 800.00

Additional button for KeyServ (requires MV_KS_BUTTON_GPI-A1)



If you have more than 1 interview room requiring a start/stop button, add MV_KS_BUTTON_GPI_A1 to your cart and then as many of this product as required for the remaining rooms with interview recording systems that require start/stop buttons.


Investigators no longer have to start/stop recordings by walking back and forth between the control room and interview room to start and stop recordings. With the addition of MaestroVision’s new button, users can start and stop interviews from within the interview room with the simple click of a button. The only confirmation you need to ensure a recording is in progress is the red LED light on the button. You now have two ways to start your interview!


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