Keyserv Video Police Edition License

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Keyserv Video Police Edition License



KEYSERV PD fuels law enforcement’s investigations with all of details needed to prosecute a case successfully. With KEYSERV PD, users can simultaneously record up to 4 side-by-side independent video sources in high definition (including a smartphone, tablet or monitor screen). Recordings can then be exported, played in a browser or automatically transferred to your police department’s on-premise or cloud storage for immediate viewing. KEYSERV PD’s friendly user interface allows you to mark or flag important video segments with a descriptive notes and records the actual date and time and displays them during playback.


  • Capacity of 4 (four) cameras and multiple microphones.
  • Pre-set metadata fields specifically tailored to your investigations including (but not limited to):
    • Interviewee Name
    • Interviewee Category (drop-down): Suspect, Witness, Victim
    • Case #:
    • Interviewer Name:
    • Interviewer Title:
    • Case Type (drop-down): DUI, Homicide, Theft, Assault, Arson, Kidnapping, Drug Trafficking
  • Integration with MaestroVision’s Video Library, VEOTEK
  • Recording is done in High Definition HD 1080p, 30 fps.
  • Records the audio signal perfectly synchronized with the video.
  • Digitizes, encodes and records in standard h.264 format.
  • A separated audio file in a standard format is created, to allow the written transcript of an interview.
  • A friendly user interface eases the learning curve.
  • Prevents unauthorized users from accessing previous interviews.
  • Requires users to provide a password in order to use the system.
  • Requires the entry of basics information (Case Number, Officer ID, Interview Type, Suspect Name), before launching an interview.
  • Ability to view, record and playback up to four fully synchronized independent video views (Not a picture-in-picture image).
  • Ability to mark or flag important video segments with a descriptive note.
  • Allows users to link directly to a specific point in a video on playback by selecting the descriptive note.
  • Displays cameras and shows audio levels that are being recorded.
  • Records the actual date and time of the interview and displays those during playback.
  • Allows for multi speed playback in both rewind and fast forward.
  • Generates and display thumbnails of one camera in the interview room. It will be possible to access an exact location during playback by clicking on a thumbnail.
  • At the end of the interview, the MaestroVision software application has the ability to transfer the interview to the central location and/or copy immediately onto a CD/DVD or USB key.
  • Includes a playback application on the USB keys or DVDs in order to allow proper viewing of an interview with multi views, including viewing up to (4) four synchronized video screens (not picture in picture).
  • Provides a user-friendly solution to downloading and burning the authenticated video to a CD/DVD or USB key, with a player installed on the disc.
  • Video recording is available for playback immediately after recording. No rendering time will be required in order to view a recording.
  • For PC use only


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