Tech Tip Tuesday – What Is the Best Type of Microphone to Use for an Interview?


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What is the best type of microphone to use in an interview room?


Let’s explore 2 common types used for interviews before providing the answer.

Microphone #1:

Cardioid Also known as unidirectional, it is a directional microphone designed to pick up sound primarily from one direction while minimizing the pickup of noise from the sides or behind. Some common uses of cardioid microphones include studio recordings, live performances, and conference calls.

Microphone #2:

Omnidirectional It is characterized by its ability to capture sound from the front, sides, and rear providing a uniform sensitivity across a 360-degree field. The omnidirectional microphone is best suited for the interview room, as it ensures that all participants’ voices are picked up clearly, regardless of their position relative to the microphone minimizing the chance of missing key parts of an interview.


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