October 25, 2022 Webinar: How to Define Workflow Methodologies for Content Creation (presented by MaestroVision & SMPTE DC)


With Disruption as the primary differentiator in Media today, the need for understanding Workflow Methods is more important than ever. Join SMPTE &amp...

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How to Optimize Your Workflow in Three Steps

workflow improvement

Check out our presentation on the topic!     Workflow – it’s not a fun topic to address within your organization, but it’s more neces...

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NousTV’s New and Improved Workflow Saves Them Time, Money and Resources

analyzing a business

Learn how NousTV’s ssaved time, money and resources thanks to MaestroVision’s Automation Tools and Expertise. Once MaestroVision’s new workflow initia...

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MAtv optimizes its workflow: Thanks to the “Integrated Management System” from MaestroVision

process mapping and optimization

MAtv was looking for a solution that would allow the interconnection and integration of all business functions into a centralized computer system. The...

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Free Educational Workshop for Broadcast Engineers

Screenshot 2022-03-02 152011

Given the evolution from video tapes to video files, broadcaster engineers should evolve their workflow as well. Many broadcast stations are still emp...

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