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Sales, Inventory, Traffic & Revenue Management all from one powerful system. This is the most powerful and affordable Traffic Management System. Unlimited channel management for one low cost with no license fees.

How it Works?

MaestroVision’s unmatched traffic managing and scheduling applications provide you with the most intuitive tools to create programming. The system is integrated with MaestroVision’s Media Asset Manager application that provides the most powerful combination to improve your workflow.

You can finally utilize Artificial Intelligence to do the work for you. MaestroVision’s Traffic Manager is a scalable application designed for broadcasters who require a comprehensive business solution that can be tailored to meet a specific business or operational workflow. Our powerful, easy-to-use traffic systems enable you to efficiently manage single and multichannel environments, multimedia and multiple platforms. Real-time interactive reporting enables you to make faster and smarter decisions by providing centralized visibility into your entire business.


  • Manage an unlimited number of channels.
  • Plan entire seasons or single show occurrences
  • Manage client ad campaigns and revenues
  • Manage promos associations and air time
  • Define specific rules for shows, ads, and promos
  • Color-coded for an easy view of your allocated slots
  • MaestroVision’s web application allows for multiple traffic users to access the log simultaneously
  • Develop “alternative” and “test” schedules to examine “What-if” scenarios
  • Easily schedule a series before even knowing the names or order of the episodes
  • Ability to schedule across multiple stations (including unlimited affiliate stations).  Affiliate stations can be given “Must Carry” and “Optional Carry” status in the schedules
  • Acces historical and future schedules for any channel, at any time
  • Full multi-user access to scheduling information allows multiple users concurrent access to the same schedules
  • Manage complex repeat and “wheel” based schedules with ease
  • Use the powerful Scheduling Wizard to roll out content across many days and weeks
  • Generate reports of your choosing including personalized billing, regulation entities, statistics and more. Pre-Programmed reports are in compliance with FCC. CRTC and other regulatory bodies
  • Multiple playlists views help you visualize your broadcast days
  • Simply “Drag and drop” programs onto the schedule

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