Empower Your Courtroom with High-Fidelity Audio Recording Technology

MaestroVision’s KeyServ AUDIO is our audio-only recording and replaying application. Our team of engineers developed this user-friendly solution (with ASIO compatibility) that allows users to simultaneously record up to 8 channels of professional quality audio sources.

How it Works

Simultaneously records up to 8 channels of professional quality audio and automatically transfers to cloud storage for immediate listening. KeyServ AUDIO includes a playback application that allows the proper listening of audio tracks. Its friendly user interface allows you to mark or flag important audio segments with a descriptive note and records the actual date and time and displays them during audio playback.

Why Court Personnel Love KEYSERV Audio

MaestroVision's expertise originates from the Broadcast industry


Our experience originates from the Broadcast industry – the most demanding in terms of media quality, robustness and reliability. With this in mind, our engineers have produced designs that avoid pop-up windows that weaken the stability of software. Our user interface is easy to learn and use, all features are located in the same window.

MaestroVision uses HD-SDI and USB technologies


IP technology may be popular because it is easy to install, but it’s very unstable because it’s based on packets that depend on the network traffic. We only use HD-SDI technologies that are extremely reliable because they connect directly to the recording device, therefore not dependent on the network.

MaestroVision offers a lifetime extended warranty on all products


We are the only company that offers a lifetime extended warranty on installation. You will never need to pay for the repair or the replacement of your investment. We don’t solely warranty software, but all of the hardware components you acquire as well.



We offer the best technical support. Our broadcast customers are on-air-24 hours. They require an immediate solution if a situation occurs. Therefore, we provide continual access to support engineers. Even after hours, if you call technical support, you’ll be connected to someone capable of immediate assistance.

KeyServ AUDIO Features

Digital recordings with exceptional clarity.

Workflow software for efficient data management.

Capture, manage and safeguard audio recordings.

Simultaneously records up to 8 channels of professional quality audio.

Records the actual date and time and displays those during playback.

Allows entering critical information for easy retrieval.

Automatically detects and alerts for loss of signal and low audio levels.

Includes a playback application that allows proper listening anywhere.

Automatic transfer to MaestroVision cloud storage for immediate viewing.

Instant access to archived and ongoing recordings.

KeyServ AUDIO Integrates with VEOTEK

MaestroVision's Next Generation Media Intelligence Solution for Courtrooms

A friendly user interface eases the learning curve.

Prevents unauthorized users from accessing previous recordings.

Requires the entry of basics information, before launching a recording.

Ability to view, record and playback up to four fully synchronized independent video views (Not a picture-in-picture image).

Ability to mark or flag important video segments with descriptive notes.

Allows users to jump directly to a specific point in a recording on playback by selecting the descriptive notes.

Ability to transfer the recordings to the central location and/or copy immediately onto a CD/DVD or USB key.

Includes a playback application on the USB keys or DVDs with the same interface as the recording application.

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