Do You Struggle with Any of These Court Recording Issues?


As a court professional, the last thing you want to deal with are hiccups when it comes to dealing with your recording technology. At MaestroVision, o...

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MaestroVision’s Clear Audio Certification


When evaluating a professional recording product, we tend to focus more on video specifications, however, audio is much more important when looking fo...

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On-Premises vs. Cloud Storage: Which Method is Best for Storing Interview Recordings?


We compare the two storage solutions with their pros and cons in order to determine which solution is best for you, On-Premises or Cloud Storage. Whic...

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A Guide to Different Types of Cameras Used in Police Interview Recordings

types of cameras

If you’re wondering what type of camera to use in your interview room, look no further. In this article, we’ll explain the three main types of cameras...

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What’s the difference between balanced and unbalanced audio?

blog_balanced_unbalanced audio

Audio is more important than video. An interview is more about what the person says rather than their behavior in the interview room. For this reason,...

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NousTV’s New and Improved Workflow Saves Them Time, Money and Resources

analyzing a business

Learn how NousTV’s ssaved time, money and resources thanks to MaestroVision’s Automation Tools and Expertise. Once MaestroVision’s new workflow initia...

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MAtv optimizes its workflow: Thanks to the “Integrated Management System” from MaestroVision

process mapping and optimization

MAtv was looking for a solution that would allow the interconnection and integration of all business functions into a centralized computer system. The...

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9 Tips for Finding the Perfect Interview Recording System for Your Police Department


As a company with over 20 years of experience building interview room systems and consulting for tons of police departments, we’ve gained a lot of val...

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These 9 Elements are Critical to Designing a Trauma-Informed Soft Interview Room

Soft Interview Room Tips

How RBC Went from an Inefficient System to a Simple, Reliable, High-Quality Solution. We sat down with Tracy Matheson to speak more about her non-prof...

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A Prosecutor Answers Google’s Top 6 Admissibility Questions 


In part 1 of this series, our VP of Marketing, Jessica Wein spoke with Kathryn Marsh, an Assistant Chief of the Special Victim’s Unit and Legislative ...

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