How to Use a Foot Pedal with KEYSERV Audio Court Reporting Software

Purchase the following foot pedal on Amazon: Infinity USB Digital Foot Control with Computer Plug Then, take the following steps: Unzip KeyRedirector...

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3 Ways KEYSERV Video Works with Zoom to Create a Seamless Recording Experience


With many businesses transitioning to a remote work experience, it’s no surprise that Zoom’s growth has exploded in 2020. The company added 2.22 milli...

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NEW: Simple and Convenient One-Click Recording!


“Investigators should be able to spend the majority of their time doing what they do best – investigating.” MaestroVision understands the enormous am...

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Introducing MaestroVision’s Innovative Virtual Courtroom Recording Technology

Court Recording Solution

  The current pandemic is pressuring courtroom managers to modify their working methods to protect staff, lawyers and witnesses. To adapt to the...

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